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Welcome to the artgallery & art-directory of "eine art galerie", cologne. 

Discover selected artists from the socialmedia world. If you are interested in an atwork, please contact the artist, or us.


We are looking forward to hear from you.


Peter Hofmann



exceptional artwork


Nobxhiro Santana (Japan)


exceptional artwork


Armano (Croatia)


















70 cm x 100 cm, Acryl on Paper 280g/m2

exceptional artwork

Big Panther (1990)

Jorge Stever (*1940 Templin, Germany)


















9-teilig - 240x 240cm - Acryl, Sand, Pigment on Wood

exceptional artwork

Santa Alia Del Coltello (2014)

Simona Fedele (*1967 Udine, Italy)


















152x 152cm - Acryl on Wood

exceptional artwork

Beat Generation (2017)

Enza Miglietta (Malcesine, Italy)


100x 72x 6cm - Photo, Acryl on Wood